Women's Health Issues

These collections consist of the records of state agencies and public officials concerning issues such as family planning, abortion, and midwifery. Relevant materials are also found in various other Board of Health records.

M80-1 Florida Social Service Research Materials, 1977. 1.00 cubic feet

These research materials for a report on Florida social services were compiled for the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services. The collection includes interviews with five women regarding their careers in social services in Florida.

S 111 Governor (1971-1979: Askew).

Social Service Subject Files, 1971-1979. 42.00 cubic feet
This series of Governor Askew's working files consists of studies, correspondence, memoranda, financial records, and publications. Topics included in the subject files are women's health issues, abortion and family services.

S 904 State Board of Health.

Midwife Program Files, 1924-1975. 5.50 cubic feet
The State Board of Health was the predecessor agency to the Division of Health under the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services. The midwife licensing program was initiated by the State Board of Health in 1931. This series contains manuals; legislative reports; essays; correspondence; photographs; midwife summaries (the record of midwives licensed by county); and midwife record cards which document a midwife's yearly health check-ups, race, literacy and education levels, and consulting physicians.

S 1308 Governor (1987-1991: Martinez).

Issue Correspondence, 1989. 5.00 cubic feet
This series consists of correspondence to the Governor regarding abortion. The letters were in response to the calling of a special session of the Florida Legislature to consider changing the state's abortion laws.

S 1481 State Board of Health. Bureau of Narcotics.

Applications for Certificate of Registration for Healing Arts, 1928-1955. 35 microfilm reels.
This series includes the forms of those applying to be registered as certified midwives. The applications include information such as name, address, race, date and place of birth, length of Florida residency, and county of residency.

S 1495 Governor (1987-1991: Martinez).

Legislative Affairs Correspondence, 1987-1989. 24.00 cubic feet
This series consists of the incoming and outgoing correspondence of Governor Martinez regarding legislative matters. Subject matter includes abortion and women's health services.