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Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Habitual Constipation,Oint. for Itch,Sulph. Qunine,Chronic Gonorrhea


Page 17
Habitual Constipation
[Recipe]. Electuarii Senna [2 ounces].
26. P. Super. [tart, inserted] Potssa. [half ounce].
Carbonatis Ferri [2 drams]
Syrupi Zingiberis. q.s;
Ft. electuarium
First few days add Sulph.
American Journal
NP. 21. P. 205.
Oint. for Itch.

[Recipe]. Litharge [1 ounce]
27. Olive Oil [4 ounces]
Mix & heat over a moderate fire,
stirring continually till [sic] the oint.
acquires a slightly blackish coloring.

Page 18
[Recipe] Sulph. Qunine [1 scruple]
28. Aqua Camph [2 ounces]
Sulph. Morph. [half] gr.
Acid Sulph. VI gtt fit.
Solutio. A table spoon full in any
agreeable fluid. Bill.2.vol.653
----- -------------------------
Chronic Gonorrhea
[Recipe]. Balsam Copaiva [half ounce]
29. Spt. Lav. Comp.
Spt. Nil. Dulc. Aa [2 drams]
Tinct Opii [1 dram]
Gum Arabic [2 drams]
Mur. Tr Ferri [1 dram]
Sacchar. Alb. [4 drams]
Aqua Fontan [4 ounces]
Ol. Cinnamon [half dram] a table
spoon full taken 3 times daily.