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Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Gonorrhea & Gleet, Obstinate Gleet,Gonorrhea,Anthelmentic


Page 27
Gonorrhea & Gleet.
[Recipe]. Tinct. Ferri. Mur. [1 dram]
45 Spt. Aither. Nitr. [7 drams].m.
40 to 60 drops 3 times a day
in distilled water.-----
Copaiva may be used in the
place of the nit. if expedient
in the same quantity.
---- ----
[Recipe]. Obstinate Gleet. Cured
46 by Injection Sea water.
Am. Med. Journal.
Vol. 4. Page 500.
[Recipe] Pip. Cubeba. [2 ounces].
47. Alum. Sulp. [half ounce] M. Div.
in chart. no {superscript o] IX 1 taken 3 times
a day.
Am. Med. Jour. N. s. No. 11 P 514.

Page 28
[Recipe]. Ol. Chenopod. [dram 1 scruple]
48. Sacch. Alb.
Gun Arabaic aa [1 dram] – M.
Dein adde qq. Menth Sativ. [3 ounces].
a teaspoonfull [sic] 4 or 5 times
daily, for 3 days in success-
ion; after which Ol. Reuni.
Eberle's Thereapeutics
Vol. 1. Page 219.
[Recipe]. Rad. spegelia [1 ounce]
49. conferv. helminthocord. [3 drams]
Sem. fanicul [2 drams]. – M.
Boil from a pint of water to
half a pint & let the whole be
used in a day.
Eberle. Therapeu. Vol 1. P. 217.
[along inside spine] for Lumbucoider.