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Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover



Page 113
[Recipe]. Rad. Columbo. [half ounce].
"Zengeb [half ounce].
Fol Senna. [1 dram]
Aq. bullient. O i
This given in doses of a
wine glass full 3 times
a day, is the most effectual
remedy we have found
in the permanent cure
of a disposition to the
accumulation of flatus
in the bowels.
Wood & Bache. P. 255
[Recipe]. Columto [sic] frequently com
bined with pow. Ginger,
Carb. Ferri. & Rhubarb.
Wood & Bache

Page 114
Anthelmentic Solution.
[Recipe]. Spigelia [half ounce]
Senna [2 drams]
Manna. [1 ounce]
Faniculi [2 drams]
Aq. bullient. O i. M.
Macera per horam in vace
Leviter clause et cola.
Dose. wine glass full to a child
from 2 to 4 year old. 3 or 4
times a day.
Wood & Bache.
Oleaginous Mixture.
[Recipe]. Olei Recini f. [1 and a half ounces]
Tinct Opii [illegible symbol] XXX
Pulv Acacia Gum
Sacch Alb. aa [2 drams]
Aq. Menth Viridis. f [6 ounces]