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Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover



Page 117
Formula for the adminis. of Copaiva
[Recipe]. Copaiva, Rect, Spt, Syr, Tolu. Aq-
Menth. Orange-flower water aa. [2 ounces]
Spt. Nitric Ether [2 drams]
M. [1 and a half ounces]. or [2 ounces] taken morn.
This being extremely repulsive to
the taste - the following is substi-
[Recipe]. Copaiva, Syr. Poppy, Syr Tolu,
aa [1 ounce]. Aq. Mouth. p.p. [2 ounces].
Orange flower water. [1 ounce].
Pow. Gum. Acacia. Suf. to form
Emulsion. Dose 3. 6. or 9. Table-
spoonfuls daily.
It may be taken in a glass Lemon
ade charged with Carbonic.
Acid. gas. after each spoonful.

Page 118
Cubebs are generally much better
tolerated by the system than
Copaiva, & succeed as quickly
in slopping discharge. Daily
dose [half ounce]. to [1 ounce] divided into 3 equal
parts - taken Morn Noon & Eve.
If these remedies should fail
Injections of Nitrate Argente -
provided pain or Menstruation has
ceased & there be no Chor dose [sp ??] -
The following Ingection [sic] is good -
Sulph Zinci
Acetate Lead aa 15 grs -
Rose Water [7 ounces] - 3.
Ingection [sic] in a day - shaking
the bottle well.
London Lancet. N.S. Vol. 7. Page 192.