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Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Amenorrhea


Page 13
[Recipe]. Ferri. phosphate. [1 dram]
18. Pulv. Zingil [sp?] [2 drams]
Pulv. Aloes socct. gr. 5.
M. Div. in X Equal parts.
One taken 2 or 3 times daily.
[Recipe]. Extract. Gentian [1 dram]
19. Sulp. Feni gr. 4.
G. Aloes socc. gr. 5.
D. in 20 pil. S. One taken
Morn. Noon & Evening.
[Recipe]. Pulv. Rhai ?i?
20. G. Aloes ?i
Pulv. Capsici 1.
Muc. g. arab. q. s.

Page 14
M. D. into 20 pil. 2. At night
at going to bed
(Alactic aperient gentle)
[Recipe] Sulph. Ferri gr. 5.
21. G. Myrrh.
G. Aloes aa gr. X.
M. D. 20 pil 1. m. n. & Eve.
[Recipe] G. aloes. Sacc gr 15.
22. Ext. sabin. ?ii
Pulv Ipecae. ?i
Muc. g. Arab. q. s. M.
into 40 pil. 2 pil. 3 times daily.