A TBUF student on steps of a buidlding at FSCW - Tallahassee, Florida

A TBUF student on steps of a buidlding at FSCW - Tallahassee, Florida

Credit this photo: State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, http://floridamemory.com/items/show/25311
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  • A TBUF student on steps of a buidlding at FSCW - Tallahassee, Florida

Image Number

  • RC01381


  • 1946 or 1947

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General Note

  • The first 507 students went to register for the TBUF program (Tallahassee Branch of the University of Florida), 1946-47. They were enrolled at Florida State College for Women in 1946. TBUF was created to serve men returning from World War II because there was no room at the state men's college, the University of Florida. They were the first men on campus since 1905.
  • "Something new has been added... T' was rumored that on Halloween, from Westcott's highest spire, a voice was heard to wail, 'Born thirty years too soon'."

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  • 1 photoprint - b&w - 9 x 7 in.

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  • Shelf number: 19661.

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