Passengers on a Pan Am Boeing 307

Passengers on a Pan Am Boeing 307

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  • Passengers on a Pan Am Boeing 307

Image Number

  • RC15258


  • Between 1940 and 1947

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General Note

  • "First of Pan American World Airways four-motored airliners with sleeping compartments was the Boeing 307 with still another innovation- the pressurized cabin. Built for added comfort, the clipper was equipped to carry 33 passengers in day flights and 25 at night. Full course meals were served, and dressing rooms were smartly decorated. The cockpits were spacious and outfitted with the most modern equipment befitting the first of the high altitude passenger air-liners in the world. Powered by four 1100 horsepower Wright Cyclone engines, the Boeing 307 had a wing span of 107 feet; a length of 74 feet; an overall height of 20 feet, and a gross weight of 45,000 pounds.

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  • 1 photoprint - b&w - 10 x 8 in.

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  • Shelf number: 00894.

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