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Photo Collections

A list of individual collections that represent donations made by individual photographers or government agencies that make up the Florida Photographic Collection as a whole.

Agricultural Experiment Station 565 prints of the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station from 1910 to 1946
Harriet Bedell Collection 129 prints of Deaconess Harriet Bedell working among the Seminole Indians in South Florida from 1933 to 1960
Big Bend Area Collection 239 photographs from 1887-2003
Charles Brems Collection 57 photographs taken of the USS Massachusetts and its crew, many taken by Charles Brems
Brown Family Collection 216 photographs of the Brown family taken in and around Eastpoint and St. George Island between 1898 and 1912
John Buckley Collection 5250 photographs from 1969-1976
Millard Fillmore Caldwell Collection Photographs, newspaper clippings, miscellaneous media, 1917-1984 (bulk, 1930-1970)
Frank Connell Collection Approximately 550 photographs of Volusia County and the surrounding area taken between 1900 and 1915
Department of Commerce Collection Approximately 30,000 images of cities, industries, tourist attractions, rivers, and leisure activities taken by the Department of Division of Tourism and its predecessors between 1950 and 1996
Department of Environmental Resource Collection 53 glass lantern slides of mostly-unidentified nature scenes around Florida
Florida Department of State Collection Images of Departmental activities, 1999 - present
Department of Transportation Collection Approximately 2,500 photographs created by the Florida Department of Transportation
Digital Collection This collection is a compilation of over 2000 Florida related digital photographs.
Dorothy Dodd Collection Over 600 slides of Florida flowers and birds photographed by a former state librarian
Michael Drake Collection 159 photographs collected by Michael J. Drake from official base photograph collections, as well as former military personnel and local residents
Patricia Stephens Due Collection Over 50 images documenting the life and work of Patricia Stephen Due, an African-American civil rights leader and activist
Donn Dughi Collection Approximately 600 images of the dramatic, comedic, and routine moments of Florida politics
William A. Fishbaugh Collection 749 images of South Florida
Robert Fisher Collection Over 1200 images of people and businesses in the Jacksonville area from 1947-1961
Florida Folklife Collection Approximately 13,969 color and black-and-white slides from the Folklife Collection
Florida Forest Service Collection Over 800 images from the Florida Forest Service from the 1930s
Florida Geology Collection Over 2,000 images documenting the study of Florida's geological and archaeological sites
Florida School for Boys Collection 308 Black and white and color photographs depicting residents, staff, facilities, and programs and activities of the Florida School for Boys
Florida Supreme Court Collection 318 images of Florida's Supreme Court justices and events
Mark Foley Collection Over 2,000 photographs, 1969-2006
Louise Frisbie Collection Over 900 images of the Polk County area from 1910 to 1950 gathered by Louise Frisbie, regional historian and author
Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission Collection Over 800 images of Florida animal and plant life as well as employees of the Commission from 1955-1980
General (unprinted) Collection A collection of approximately 22,186 images from our unprinted reference files
Forrest Granger Collection 1,680 images of Tallahassee and surrounding areas, 1940s-1950s
Alvan Harper Collection 1,439 images of Tallahasseans and the Tallahassee area, 1884-1911
Red Kerce Collection Over 800 images of historical people and places in Tallahassee and the surrounding area from 1940-1964
Koreshan Unity Papers Collection 2,2228 photographs documenting the development of the Koreshan Unity and the lives and activities of its members.
Norman La Coe Collection 416 glass lantern slides of Florida industries and cities, 1910s-1930s
David LaHart Collection Over 1,000 photographs, ca. 1970-2006
Madison County Collection Approximately 991 photographs of Madison County area people, industries, and agriculture
Don and Gladys Marks Collection Approximately 1,000 images taken from the 1920s to the 1960s by Don and Gladys Marks documenting many areas of Florida.
Cory McDonald Collection 500 photographs of Key West, ca. 1903-2005
Dale M. McDonald Collection Approximately 5,071 color slides and photographs of Key West, 1935-2000. color slides and photographs of Key West, 1935-2000
Art McKee Collection 206 photographs of noted Florida treasure hunter Art McKee
Miami-Dade County Health Department Collection Approximately 176 images from the records of the Miami-Dade County Health Department during the recovery period after Hurricane Andrew
Bert Morgan Photographic Collection Photographic negatives taken by Bert Morgan and his son Richard from the 1960s through the 1980s documenting Palm Beach high society people, places, and events.
MOSAIC Collection Over 1,100 images of Jewish life in Florida, 1880s-1960s
Newberry Collection 78 images of Newberry and rural Alachua County
Richard Parks Collection Over 1,000 photographs taken by Tallahassee photographers Richard Parks and Evon Streetman
Irvin Peithmann Collection 1,076 images of Florida Seminole Indians, 1950s
Political Collection Almost 5,000 images of prominent Florida political leaders
Postcard Collection A collection of over 6,300 picture postcards of Florida attractions, cities, and people, circa 1900s-1970s
Print Collections A growing collection of approximately 21,000 images from this all-inclusive anthology beginning in the 1800s
Reference Collection Approximately 21,300 views of Florida by professional and amateur photographers ranging from copies of 15th century maps to current photographs
Harvey Slade Collection 1,812 photographs consisting primarily of Harvey Slade's studio portraits of Leon County people
John K. Small Collection 2,166 images of South Florida botanicals, 1901-1938
Jack Spottswood Collection Over 2,600 images of people and businesses in the Jacksonville area from 1916-1967
Joseph Janney Steinmetz Collection Social events, tourist locations and activities, the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, prominent people, and various recreation and industry shots from the 1930s to the 1970s
Tallahassee Democrat Approximately 5,000 published and unpublished images of Tallahassee area people, places, and events taken by Tallahassee Democrat photographers between 1955 and the 1970s
Tallahassee Fire Department Over 1,100 Tallahassee Fire Department images including residential and business fires, fire prevention training in schools and businesses, railroad and aviation accidents, and firefighting equipment, vehicles, and stations
Deborah Thomas Collection Over 2600 images of people, sports, politics, events, and businesses in the Tallahassee area from 1983 to 1989
Tookes-McCoy Collection Over 60 images documenting the lives of members of the Tookes and McCoy families of Tallahassee, the Tookes Hotel, and scenes of the Frenchtown area in Tallahassee.
Richard Twine Collection 96 images of the St. Augustine community of Lincolnville between 1922 and 1927
James Wendler Collection 290 images chronicling the history of Miami Beach from the 1900s to the 1980s
Frank Westwood Collection Over 100 photographs depicting scenes in the Lake Okeechobee, Everglades and surrounding areas