Digital Donations

Digital Donations: Share Your Florida Memories

Pulse Nightclub

Pulse Nightclub, July 13, 2016

History is made every day and, with the rise of digital photography, it is now being recorded at an unprecedented rate. By donating your digital photos of current events to the State Archives of Florida, you can help document and preserve Florida's history as it happens. If you are interested in sharing your recent Florida memories with us, see below for more information.

What are the digital photograph specifications?
  • File Format: TIFF, JPEG, RAW
  • Megapixel: Minimum 5MP
Can I donate photographs taken with my phone?

Probably. The camera on your mobile device may produce images of a high enough quality to meet our minimum requirements. Most modern devices, including iPhones (4 and newer), iPads (3 and newer), and many Android devices by Samsung, Motorola and Sony take photographs at a minimum resolution of 5 megapixels. Check your phone's specifications to verify that it provides the appropriate quality for images

Will my photos be put on Florida Memory?

It is possible, but not all photographs donated to the State Archives appear on Florida Memory.

How do I donate my digital photographs?

Donors are asked to sign a Deed of Gift (PDF, 2 pages) transferring to the State Archives legal custody of the records and any copyright interests they hold in the records, thus allowing the Archives to make the records fully accessible to the public for historical research. Send all photos, along with the deed of gift, as attachments to the Archives by email at [email protected].